Tuesday, December 22

This just in

I generally do not have sentimental feelings towards things.
I am not in the least bit religious.
I'm not so into the Christmas holiday. At all.

Tuesday, December 15

My new town

This is so interesting. The art is ridiculous and the history is great:

Go here to learn about this crazy poster!


Dude, I hate me some ants. They are cah-razy invasive, way too squirrely-quick (yes, it's a real word) and there are always one or two bionic survivors.

This evening, we were invaded by itty-bitty, tiny ants. MILLIONS OF THEM. We had no ant spray and when I looked up pet-friendly ant removal remedies, the solution I found included sprinkling chili powder all over the floor. Are you fucking kidding me? Can you imagine the results in cat and dog if they ingested said chili pepper?

Some sort of cleaning fluid was our eventual answer. But, now, I feel like this:

(photo credit)

Friday, December 11

War isn't always terrible

Earlier this year, Phoenix released an album that can make my cry.
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

I went insane over this effing thing and developed a huge crush* on the last song, "Armistice". I played it over and over and over again. A lot. Lucky for everyone in my life, my music experience is largely limited to headphones. Alas, much like other crushes, I tired of the song and moved on to something else.

A.V. Club recently named Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix the best album of 2009, so I revisited and learned that crushes totally blind you to other opportunities. I forgot how sweetly perfect this ENTIRE album is. Phoenix suck you in emotionally and physically, and you go willingly.

*I develop huge crushes on everything (and everybody): songs, tv shows, clothes, people, dogs, types of pens, furniture, you name it. For instance: Deck D'Arcy from Phoenix

Thursday, December 10

shhhh, don't tell anyone

The husband and I recently went to a little private party at Bourbon and Branch, a speakeasy-inspired establishment. They've really embraced the speakeasy theme: locate yourself in an area that no one would suspect, have people ring the doorbell or knock to get in, make them all give a password and prohibition-inspired rules. It all sounded pretty cool to me, but the reality was a little pretentious.

Sometimes, I like pretentious. I have been known to be influenced/swayed into thinking that what I'm doing is cooler than what you're doing. I just wasn't feeling it at Bourbon and Branch.
Apparently, the thrill of drinking during prohibition in a speakeasy isn't as easy to duplicate as the decor, dress and drinks.

Wednesday, December 2

he's a crazy bastard, but come on

When I think about the worst things that have ever happened to me (aside from the deaths of friends and family), I can't imagine what my life would be like now had they not happened. Heartbreak, in particular, falls in this category.

There's no success like failure, and ... failure's no success at all.

—Bob Dylan

ps - one of the worst shows I've ever been to was Bob Dylan in Chicago. Amos Lee and Merle Haggard opened for him and they were both infinitely better. Especially Amos - he's awesome live ;)

Tuesday, December 1

Karen O and The Kids

I have been listening to the soundtrack from Where The Wild Things Are for weeks now. It's the best album to listen to while navigating SF's public transportation.

I love Karen O and I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but I didn't know the rest of the "kids" include her bandmates Brian Chase and Nick Zinner. Oh, and Dean Fertita from the Dead Weather and Jack Lawrence from the Raconteurs - 2 bands I love.love.love - contributed.

Monday, November 30

hawaii vs mexico


Wednesday, November 25

top 5 moments of the last 5 days

$3 sangria at LaLoLa

halfway through season 1

Milton loves all the new parks

new rug from west elm

getting the last can of pumpkin
(dents and all)

Tuesday, November 24

Now for something more positive

My co-worker shared this with me today

for serious though

I've been thinking a lot about relationships and people that purposely make you feel bad about yourself. I get it when it's accidental - I think I'm definitely guilty of that sometimes. Honesty is double-edged sword and I often forget to fully think about what I say before I say it. I also understand that as I get older, the people I know and surround myself with get more and more set in their ways. It becomes harder to be tolerant of differences in tastes, behavior, etc.

However, I have a handful of people in my life that will once in awhile say straight-up mean things, clearly intending to do harm. Things that I don't notice at first, but on recollection realize their intent. Things that aren't worth confrontation, but that add up to a fairly nasty package.

My musing here, and my hurt feelings, leads to this: At what point do I put my arm out and push a little? Separate myself from wanting these people to be close to me? Am I overestimating my relationships with these people?

And on a different note: Why, at 31, is it still so easy to get hurt feelings? When will I grow this thicker skin?

Friday, November 20

Heart Skipped a Beat

My current obsession was not happened upon. Sarah and Sarah recommended it to me on more than one occasion.

Thank FSM I have friends with such kick-ass taste in music to do all the work for me.

Thursday, November 19

pretty, pretty colors

Those girls behind the makeup counter at Macy's got me!

I was there for a good cause--to buy a turkey roasting pan to cook a big, fat, juicy turkey for my family. Big one-day sale! Cookware for $9.99. I got it, and then, on my way out the door, I saw the Urban Decay counter. I said, "Self, maybe Macy's will have the Sellout lipstick color."

I trotted over there to check it out, and the lovely, makeup-covered ladies at the counter attacked me like Cher and Dionne attack Tai in Clueless. Full makeover later, I walked away w ith the lipstick and some new mineral powder called Nirvana.

Not bad! However, I resisted the additional upsell attempts of concealer, a full brush set, some liquid liner and some other odds and ends. The only reason I did this successfully, was because last week I spent money I didn't have at Seph ora on some of these very items.

I told you I was getting into makeup. 31 years old, and I am just now figuring out what to do with it all.

Wednesday, November 18


I guess I am determined to terrorize myself into continuing this blog thing.
This is what's new:

1. I moved to San Francisco. I love it here. I am surrounded by insane people 24/7. It's kind of like living in an asylum, but fun.
2. I got a new job. This is not that important. I won't be discussing work here.
3. I am happily renting here and reluctantly landlording in the old city. Something about that makes me feel both mature and immature at the same time.
4. I have far less friends here, so I have far more time for blogging. Hopefully, this will change again shortly.
5. I've declared a moratorium on ebay. This is better for everyone involved. I foresee this one not working out for me.
6. I have a new-found love for makeup. Hopefully, it's a passing phase. Makeup is really expensive at department stores and Sephora. This is where I like to buy my makeup. Something about the employees putting makeup on me is very enticing.
7. My obsession with boots has hit epic proportions. I am ordering them online, stopping in stores, asking people where they bought theirs...
8. I'm reading a lot more. I will probably write about this.
9. I started watching Mad Men. I love it the most. Well, almost the most. Glee is my favorite hour of the week.
10. If possible, I love lists even more now.

I have about 10 posts planned. This might mean I only post 10 entries and then do nothing for months. Let's find out.

Wednesday, July 8

looking for a job...

...is hard.

especially when you're not unemployed. It doesn't help to hear "you're lucky you have a job now" from most of the people closest to you. jerks. I understand it's great that I have a job, but it doesn't make me evil to want a different one. It's not like I'm forcing people out of jobs to get one. sheesh.

especially from far away. I don't understand why people can't just be supportive. Just because I want to make a change doesn't mean that I think they suck for not wanting to do so. Everyone is different, that's why life is cool - me wanting to move on is not an insult to those who don't want that.

ps - I can't wait for glee to be on.

Sunday, June 7

The hipsters have gone too far

Dear American Apparel,

I have long-supported your ridiculous approach to fashion (not actually creating anything). Your soft t-shirts and androgynous advertising campaigns appeal to me in an unnatural way. You singlehandedly reversed my "no leggings, not now, not ever" stance (a flip-flop that I am not proud of).

However, this may be the end of the line for you and I and our hipsterish relationship. In no way can I get onboard with this nonsense. This offense goes so far, that I may have to trashtalk you to others.

Please stop,

Tuesday, June 2

it will make sense soon

I'm in a drastic change cycle. My favorite part of life. If I didn't crave companionship so much and if I didn't love my husband so much, I'd just hop around the world.

Thursday, May 7

update on ass-in-gear

1. took the exam and passed. it was effing hard, but now I'm a PMP :)
2. signed up for boot camp. I need someone else to push me to lose the fat ass. I start in June.
3. took off 3 weeks of freelance to study for test. Back on track starting Monday.

Off to a wedding in Cape May this weekend. And it's my birthday tomorrow. I'm 31. yikes!

Sunday, April 19


I have all this shit to do and it sucks. I also have a significant procrastination problem, so I'm going to start writing things down in the hopes that I'll actually doing them.

These are the problems, and the deadlines.

1. I have a major exam to take on June 5, which I'm thinking about pushing up to the third week in May. I am taking a class for 4 looooooong days to prepare for this bitch. I'm nervous to fail, especially because work is paying for it and I'm paying for the class. So.. for 2 days every week until the test, I'm going to study for 3 hours. Every other day, I will study during my lunch hour. Mark my words here. That gives me about 40 hours of study time and 32 hours of class before the exam.

2. I need to dedicate some solid time to the "lose my big ass" plan. Before summer starts. I weigh more now than I ever have. I don't like it. But I like food, so more exercise, a lot more exercise is necessary. PRONTO. I was doing the 30-day shred by Jillian Michaels and was killing it. Then I got sick and slid right out of control again. I feel better now, so I'm starting again.

3. I have a steady freelance job that requires and extra 30 hours of work per month. I've got this under control, but I'm worried it will slip with the other 2 big responsibilities.

So - once a week, I'm going to check in with my progress. Every Sunday. every.single.sunday.

Wednesday, April 15

vacation rentals

I really want to spend a week in an Outer Banks, NC house. I've always wanted to. Wild horses, house with a kajillion decks, 4wd-access only, secluded beach--all of these things sound awesome. I've been on vrbo.com looking at these places and they look awesome. I'd like the following breakdown:
-3 or 4 couples, or not - really just 6-10 people.
-No kids (unless they are babies and super-cool and fun).
-Dogs. Mine and at least one other. But they should all get along. This is a key problem in one couple I'd like to vacation with. Their dog is not nice. Especially to other dogs. Here's the problem with this plan:
1. Picking who goes. All the mens and all the womens need to get along. Even better if all the sexes can intermingle (not in a dirty way!)
2. Getting all those people to be able to take a week off work at the same time.
3. Figuring out the organizer in this grand scheme of things. I would do so, but not sure if I can hack it. People annoy the shit out of me and I don't like dealing with minutia that belongs to others.
4. I don't think I know anyone with a 4wd. Renting such a vehicle would be expy$$.
Really, these are not huge problems - just more effort-filled tasks that I don't want to do.

Moral of this stupid-ass story: Someone should invite me, my husband and my dog on an Outer Banks vacay.

Thursday, March 26

steel, wood and plants

I want my back yard to look like this:

(oscar planters, cb2)

Too bad I can't keep any plants alive, I have a chintzy chain link fence that I really have no intention of replacing anytime soon and I have hoodlum neighborhood kids (or adults) that steal the stuff out of my backyard - like my fire pit.

I still might try. Watch this space

Monday, March 23

travel bucket list

See for the 1st time:
Africa (Botswana, Nigeria, Tunis, Egypt, South Africa, Madagascar)
Food tour of Vietnam
Argentina (esp. BA & Mendoza)

See again with my husband:

And that's just off the top of my head...

Wednesday, March 11

Soundtrack of my life

How is it that The Police are so flipping awesome, but Sting sucks so bad? I really can't wrap my head around it. In fact, I think Sting is so bad solo, that if you tell me you like him--I think less of you.

The Police on the other hand were awesome. I heard this on the radio this morning and have subsequently launched myself into some sort of fan club situation.

Friday, March 6

another list

Blogging isn't the only thing I've been slacking off with.*

This is what my to-do list looks like:
  1. Call the Contractor about the kitchen
  2. Start new freelance article (due 3/16)
  3. Give the dog a bath - he smells like a foot
  4. Clean something, anything
  5. Call the guy to do our taxes
  6. Work on my new project (I'd say look for a post soon, but let's be realistic - look for a post in 6-9 months)
  7. Sit down with the hubs and make a real budget/figure out our new financial plan (it's only been almost 2 years since we agreed to do this...)
  8. Clean out the basement
  9. Take photos of bike, elliptical, furniture, and clothes to sell on craigslist or ebay
  10. Replace living room light fixture
  11. Call my out-of-state friends (I would be satisfied if I made 2 calls, but I have about 14 on the call-back list. At this rate, I'll have no friends.)
I would like to delegate some of this, but the man's list looks quite the same and I don't know who else would do any of this crap.

*not entirely true. miltonaday has been updated every day of 2009 (with a little maneuvering from vacation on my part)

Monday, February 23

Well, it's been awhile

I think that my busy has left me uninspired to write anything. So, in an effort to get back into it - I will start with some lists.

5 things that made me happy today
1. Melted Gorgonzola cheese
2. My new hat
3. Having a nice conversation with my mom
4. Cooking buffalo successfully
5. Getting a fun present from my husband

5 things that made me sad today
1. Going back to work after 2 weeks off
2. Wind. Cold. More wind
3. Daily idiots
4. How tired I am
5. No one handed me $1 million

Tuesday, February 3


The Duggars captivate me. I am obsessed with all of these J-named chilluns. They are some God-fearing folks in a way that I can't get with and they all have bad hair, but I can't get enough. Part of me wants to learn all of their names in chronological order.

The oldest son and his wedding story also intrigue me. I just spent the last 20 minutes on his website. Also, their Walmart registry is available online. They asked for coca-cola products (including Gatorade). I have no words.

Seriously. I cannot get enough of these people and I can't pinpoint why. I'm both concerned for my well-being and anxious to see which Duggar strays from the quiver-ful lifestyle first.

Monday, January 26

Soundtrack of my life

I have an unnatural obsession with The Killers. I love their new album and I liked their last album, but I ADORE their first album. When I saw them live and they sang this song, I may have hurt myself jumping up and down. On Saturday, my husband and I were driving and I played this song, expounded on why it is the perfect song and then we sang it together as we drove down the highway.

Also - part of this song is my ringtone. I used to abhor people with songs for ringtones and now I'm one.


Friday, January 23

feigning dedication

I owe a real post, but for now: check this out.

oh, and this.

Monday, January 19

Vacation's all I ever wanted

In less than 3 weeks, I will be here. I love CA, I love wine and I love Sonoma. I even get to stay in this fancy-pants place. I got a super deal, this recession is making my trip much easier to deal with. 

Cannot come soon enough.

Wednesday, January 14


Today, my co-worker told me the story of a person named La-a. Guess how La-a prounounces their name?


You pronounce the dash.

Why not La-hyphen-a?

Monday, January 12

Dianefan - suck it!

WTF is the hollywood foreign press association anyway?

I love award shows. a.lot. I watch the pre-show, the show, the post-show and the fashion recap the next day. I know it's lame, but I don't care. I was especially needing my awards fix this year since it was canceled last year.

Here's my list of everything I loved about the GGs this year.

1. Jessica Lange's sunglasses on the red carpet, Drew Barrymore's hair and their uncomfortable stage appearance.
2. Ryan Seacrest chasing Angelina & Brad down the red carpet and not getting an interview.
3. ZACHARY QUINTO. oh my god. I swear my clothes fall off when I look at him.
4. Anna Paquin winning for playing a character named Sooki. Her tooth-gap is cute.
5. Sally Hawkins from Happy Go Lucky winning! Best cutest movie ever and she was so sweet and overwhelmed.
6. Slumdog Millionaire cleaning up. I'm still pissed that Milk was snubbed for the most part, but this is one of my other favorites this year.
7. Christina Applegate's necklace.
8. Tina Fey's speech. Her dress was not cute, but I loved her speech. Even better, all the tv columnists that took her seriously and wrote about it this morning.
9. Kate Winslet winning twice. I love her.
10. Mickey Rourke thanking his dogs. Mickey Rourke making a speech with his hand in his pants. Mickey Rourke rocking hair that had not been washed in 67 days. ummm, Mickey Rourke in general. wow.

Wednesday, January 7

Anxiety be damned

My life so far this year can be summed up here:

Especially at night
I worry over situations
I know I'll be alright
Perhaps it's just imagination

Day after day it reappears
Night after night my heartbeat shows the fear
Ghosts appear and fade away

***I liked this before I knew it was a Scrubs song. I hate when songs I love become tv show songs b/c no one believes that you liked it without mass media prompting you.

Sunday, January 4

loser. BIG loser.

I have spent the entire afternoon/evening watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. That's right, an abc family show. With Molly Ringwald. And a pregnant 15-year-old. How is this a family show? I don't think it's teaching kids good things. I went a half-ass ghetto high school and most kids at least waited until 16 or 17 to have a kid.

Anyway, I'm liking it - and I'm a little sad about that.

Friday, January 2

Top 8 of 2008

2008 was a great year for me personally. I was lucky to spend time all over the States (and Mexico) with some of my best friends; I was with people that I love on some of their happiest days. I got a new job that while stressful, challenges me and prepares me for better things. I met some great new people and got back in touch with a few old friends. Music was great, movies were great and some new tv was great.

My top 8 of 2008:

8. Kicking ass with freelance work
7. Wii Fit
6. Vancouver for the first time - love it there
5. Albums from Santogold, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, the Hold Steady and Bon Iver
4. Summer Heights High, I know is was made in '07, but it was brought to me in '08.
3. Milk, the acting in this movie is gut-wrenching
2. Obama
1. Celebrating 7 weddings (and associated bachelorette/shower situations), 2 births and 2 engagements with my lovely peeps

2009 looks to be a year that may bring big changes to my life that I hope to be talking about soon.