Tuesday, December 22

This just in

I generally do not have sentimental feelings towards things.
I am not in the least bit religious.
I'm not so into the Christmas holiday. At all.

Tuesday, December 15

My new town

This is so interesting. The art is ridiculous and the history is great:

Go here to learn about this crazy poster!


Dude, I hate me some ants. They are cah-razy invasive, way too squirrely-quick (yes, it's a real word) and there are always one or two bionic survivors.

This evening, we were invaded by itty-bitty, tiny ants. MILLIONS OF THEM. We had no ant spray and when I looked up pet-friendly ant removal remedies, the solution I found included sprinkling chili powder all over the floor. Are you fucking kidding me? Can you imagine the results in cat and dog if they ingested said chili pepper?

Some sort of cleaning fluid was our eventual answer. But, now, I feel like this:

(photo credit)

Friday, December 11

War isn't always terrible

Earlier this year, Phoenix released an album that can make my cry.
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

I went insane over this effing thing and developed a huge crush* on the last song, "Armistice". I played it over and over and over again. A lot. Lucky for everyone in my life, my music experience is largely limited to headphones. Alas, much like other crushes, I tired of the song and moved on to something else.

A.V. Club recently named Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix the best album of 2009, so I revisited and learned that crushes totally blind you to other opportunities. I forgot how sweetly perfect this ENTIRE album is. Phoenix suck you in emotionally and physically, and you go willingly.

*I develop huge crushes on everything (and everybody): songs, tv shows, clothes, people, dogs, types of pens, furniture, you name it. For instance: Deck D'Arcy from Phoenix

Thursday, December 10

shhhh, don't tell anyone

The husband and I recently went to a little private party at Bourbon and Branch, a speakeasy-inspired establishment. They've really embraced the speakeasy theme: locate yourself in an area that no one would suspect, have people ring the doorbell or knock to get in, make them all give a password and prohibition-inspired rules. It all sounded pretty cool to me, but the reality was a little pretentious.

Sometimes, I like pretentious. I have been known to be influenced/swayed into thinking that what I'm doing is cooler than what you're doing. I just wasn't feeling it at Bourbon and Branch.
Apparently, the thrill of drinking during prohibition in a speakeasy isn't as easy to duplicate as the decor, dress and drinks.

Wednesday, December 2

he's a crazy bastard, but come on

When I think about the worst things that have ever happened to me (aside from the deaths of friends and family), I can't imagine what my life would be like now had they not happened. Heartbreak, in particular, falls in this category.

There's no success like failure, and ... failure's no success at all.

—Bob Dylan

ps - one of the worst shows I've ever been to was Bob Dylan in Chicago. Amos Lee and Merle Haggard opened for him and they were both infinitely better. Especially Amos - he's awesome live ;)

Tuesday, December 1

Karen O and The Kids

I have been listening to the soundtrack from Where The Wild Things Are for weeks now. It's the best album to listen to while navigating SF's public transportation.

I love Karen O and I love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but I didn't know the rest of the "kids" include her bandmates Brian Chase and Nick Zinner. Oh, and Dean Fertita from the Dead Weather and Jack Lawrence from the Raconteurs - 2 bands I love.love.love - contributed.