Sunday, April 19


I have all this shit to do and it sucks. I also have a significant procrastination problem, so I'm going to start writing things down in the hopes that I'll actually doing them.

These are the problems, and the deadlines.

1. I have a major exam to take on June 5, which I'm thinking about pushing up to the third week in May. I am taking a class for 4 looooooong days to prepare for this bitch. I'm nervous to fail, especially because work is paying for it and I'm paying for the class. So.. for 2 days every week until the test, I'm going to study for 3 hours. Every other day, I will study during my lunch hour. Mark my words here. That gives me about 40 hours of study time and 32 hours of class before the exam.

2. I need to dedicate some solid time to the "lose my big ass" plan. Before summer starts. I weigh more now than I ever have. I don't like it. But I like food, so more exercise, a lot more exercise is necessary. PRONTO. I was doing the 30-day shred by Jillian Michaels and was killing it. Then I got sick and slid right out of control again. I feel better now, so I'm starting again.

3. I have a steady freelance job that requires and extra 30 hours of work per month. I've got this under control, but I'm worried it will slip with the other 2 big responsibilities.

So - once a week, I'm going to check in with my progress. Every Sunday. every.single.sunday.

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