Friday, December 11

War isn't always terrible

Earlier this year, Phoenix released an album that can make my cry.
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

I went insane over this effing thing and developed a huge crush* on the last song, "Armistice". I played it over and over and over again. A lot. Lucky for everyone in my life, my music experience is largely limited to headphones. Alas, much like other crushes, I tired of the song and moved on to something else.

A.V. Club recently named Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix the best album of 2009, so I revisited and learned that crushes totally blind you to other opportunities. I forgot how sweetly perfect this ENTIRE album is. Phoenix suck you in emotionally and physically, and you go willingly.

*I develop huge crushes on everything (and everybody): songs, tv shows, clothes, people, dogs, types of pens, furniture, you name it. For instance: Deck D'Arcy from Phoenix

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