Wednesday, October 29

Less than a week away

I am a political animal. I feel incredibly strongly about my candidate this year, but I feel even stronger about exercising my right to have a say in history. When all is said and done, 537 people decided an election that devastated me 8 years ago. We all know 537 people. Think about it; your family, your social circle, all the co-workers you've ever had. Your facebook, myspace, twitter, linkedin contacts. Surely, that adds up to 537.

So, if you do nothing else next week: vote. Just vote. call in sick the whole week if you need to and revel in the fact that people die to get the right you are born with. Think about the fact that you may be a tiny part of an incredible history-making moment. Think about the fact that you do have a voice and even if your candidate doesn't win, you can legitimately say "Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him". Think about whatever the hell will make you get off your ass and stand in line and fill out your ballot.

And if none of this makes you want to vote - see me, I'll buy you a case of beer or a bottle of wine or something, if you can prove to me that you did it.

Go get it!

For those of you not smug enough to drive a hybrid (like me and my white self) - go get gas!

Monday, October 27

I love this

via a cup of jo

Tuesday, October 21


Just click here.

Soundtrack of my life

Ugh, I didn't want to give in to my wannabe local hipster yearnings, but Band of Horses finally sucked me in. I can't shake this song and it sticks every time I hear it.

It's weird - I do not feel this way about anybody. ANYBODY. I genuinely feel like someone will love every single person I've ever loved better than I did. I'm a jerk and I'm selfish and I'm needy. But...this song kills me.

Sunday, October 19

foreign doggers

FYI: I hate war; it's awful and bad and completely unnecessary. However: this is a good cause.

Thursday, October 16

family roles

When someone grows up as an only child with half a family (a pretty small one, I must say) - that someone becomes increasingly interested in family roles and relationships and how they affect us as we get older.

I know I'm not alone, and I think the documentary on Mark Oliver Everett's "quest" to find his father will be. Why can't BBC4 be one of my channels?

I adore The Eels, and Mark Oliver Everett is one of my favorite people I don't know.

Monday, October 13

Soundtrack of my life

1. Just because I absolutely love this song
2. Just because I had the best moment today when I called someone out that makes me crazy
3. Just because I love Bright Eyes, but not Connor Oberst by himself
4. Just because this song reminds me of my wedding day and then makes me feel cheesy
5. Just because in a fit of rage, I can listen to this 3x and then feel better...

First Day Of My Life
by Bright Eyes from I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
is the next addition to the soundtrack that I call my life.

Sunday, October 12

sometimes I love where I live

I was blithely walking my dog on Friday and happened upon this:
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By Saturday morning, it had been written all over - some nice things, some not so nice things, but I'm pleased I captured it in pristine condition. It made me swell with pride that I live in a weird little hipster/white trash enclave.

Thursday, October 9

I was so hipster in 7th grade

In 7th grade, I had this shirt:
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I bought it at merry-go-round and I wore it with white shorts or jeans. I LOVED it. It was up there with my guess and bongo jeans.

So, lo and behold, I'm perusing the American Apparel website today and see this:
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I quote: "made with a temperature sensitive pigment that changes between two colors - one when cold, one when warm."

I looked it up on wikipedia, which is ALWAYS accurate and have concluded that these 2 shirts are one and the same.

Hypercolor vs. Thermochromatic, nineties vs. noughties, gen x or y or millenials, take your pick. EVERYBODY loves a shirt that changes with heat.

Tuesday, October 7


My dog has e coli. poor thing.

Monday, October 6

Soundtrack of my life

1. This song is lame.
2. I LOVE this song.
3. It's a great gym song.
4. It's part of today's soundtrack.

Black Eyed Peas ft. Papa Roach - Anxiety
(and yes, Fergie Ferg is rocking a side pony with a visor)

Friday, October 3

Wish I was...

Growing up, I loved the Huxtables. They are the only family that has ever made me want kids. And you better believe if I have them, they will sing and dance at my will as this teevee family does.

Embedding is disable on this one, but just as good:
Season 3 - Golden Anniversary


$398 at shopbop
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I ha-want this for fall.
and this one:
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Thursday, October 2

canada anyone?

how did you do?
I nailed it in 4 minutes.

dang it, bless your heart, etc, etc.

Wednesday, October 1


check this out: