Monday, January 12

Dianefan - suck it!

WTF is the hollywood foreign press association anyway?

I love award shows. a.lot. I watch the pre-show, the show, the post-show and the fashion recap the next day. I know it's lame, but I don't care. I was especially needing my awards fix this year since it was canceled last year.

Here's my list of everything I loved about the GGs this year.

1. Jessica Lange's sunglasses on the red carpet, Drew Barrymore's hair and their uncomfortable stage appearance.
2. Ryan Seacrest chasing Angelina & Brad down the red carpet and not getting an interview.
3. ZACHARY QUINTO. oh my god. I swear my clothes fall off when I look at him.
4. Anna Paquin winning for playing a character named Sooki. Her tooth-gap is cute.
5. Sally Hawkins from Happy Go Lucky winning! Best cutest movie ever and she was so sweet and overwhelmed.
6. Slumdog Millionaire cleaning up. I'm still pissed that Milk was snubbed for the most part, but this is one of my other favorites this year.
7. Christina Applegate's necklace.
8. Tina Fey's speech. Her dress was not cute, but I loved her speech. Even better, all the tv columnists that took her seriously and wrote about it this morning.
9. Kate Winslet winning twice. I love her.
10. Mickey Rourke thanking his dogs. Mickey Rourke making a speech with his hand in his pants. Mickey Rourke rocking hair that had not been washed in 67 days. ummm, Mickey Rourke in general. wow.

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Kaitlyn said...

I think Drew's hair looked identical to the scene in Bridget Jones where she rides through the country in the convertible and her head scarf blows off. Funny stuff.