Thursday, November 19

pretty, pretty colors

Those girls behind the makeup counter at Macy's got me!

I was there for a good cause--to buy a turkey roasting pan to cook a big, fat, juicy turkey for my family. Big one-day sale! Cookware for $9.99. I got it, and then, on my way out the door, I saw the Urban Decay counter. I said, "Self, maybe Macy's will have the Sellout lipstick color."

I trotted over there to check it out, and the lovely, makeup-covered ladies at the counter attacked me like Cher and Dionne attack Tai in Clueless. Full makeover later, I walked away w ith the lipstick and some new mineral powder called Nirvana.

Not bad! However, I resisted the additional upsell attempts of concealer, a full brush set, some liquid liner and some other odds and ends. The only reason I did this successfully, was because last week I spent money I didn't have at Seph ora on some of these very items.

I told you I was getting into makeup. 31 years old, and I am just now figuring out what to do with it all.

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