Sunday, November 30


Not a word used often, perhaps the awkward way it falls out of your mouth when you speak is the cause of that.

However, I have been largely remiss in my blogging. I've hit that 2 month mark where I decide if I actually want to continue, or if I pack up and forget it.

I'm going to forge ahead and hope that I have something I want to write about (let alone something people may want to read about).

Monday, November 10

Soundtrack of my life

A. Who doesn't love Death Cab?
2. Big Sur was, to me, one of Kerouac's most readable "stories".
III. The decision to open Narrow Stairs with this song was perfect. It made me listen, in one sitting, to the entire album. And, although this is not my favorite DCFC album, this is my favorite song on it.
In conclusion, I haven't seen them support this album live, but this song makes me want to b/c I've seen these mofos live and they probably kill this song, as they do below.

Sunday, November 9

Poppy is my homegirl

Go see this movie:
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So flipping cute. The main character is excruciatingly happy, which is usually a turnoff for me, but I loved Poppy. Her banter with virtually every character was so unforced and flowed so nicely.

Also - Scott, the driving instructor is as creepy here as he was in 21 Grams.

Wednesday, November 5

Yes, it's awesome...

...but not completely awesome. For lack of words that describe the situation correctly, please refer here.

Change is still needed and we should continue to work toward rights for all.

Tuesday, November 4

Monday, November 3

Whatever you do tomorrow...


Junior Senator John F. Kennedy was nominated to be the presidential candidate by the Democratic party on July 15, 1960.

In his acceptance speech, entitled "The New Frontier", Kennedy challenged the nation to "be not afraid, neither be dismayed" in the face of adversity.

John F.Kennedy was criticized
for being catholic
for his lack of experience
for his age
for his political ideology
for being idealistic

Kennedy narrowly defeated Richard Milhous Nixon (49.7% to 49.5%) and became the 35th President of the United States.

The eyes of the world are upon us. Please vote in the upcoming election.

Sunday, November 2

ebay is evil

Ebay makes me want things.things.things.
like this:
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and this:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
and this:
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and this:

Alas, I cannot afford these elaborate purchases right now.
If you can, I hate you, but bid away.
(can be found here, here, here)

Soundtrack of my life

Here's one I just randomly hear in my head...

Aqualung - Brighter than Sunshine

I have loved this dude forever and this song is both scary and uplifting.

Saturday, November 1

Red Ombre jacket, I love you

I'm broke. The hubs and I are saving up for something huge, so I'm trying to be good. This means internet window shopping only.

One site = One outfit:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic
All can be found at Urban Outfitters: here, here and here.
I am drooling over the jacket and want it now. It's under $100 - does that count as saving?