Monday, November 30

hawaii vs mexico


Wednesday, November 25

top 5 moments of the last 5 days

$3 sangria at LaLoLa

halfway through season 1

Milton loves all the new parks

new rug from west elm

getting the last can of pumpkin
(dents and all)

Tuesday, November 24

Now for something more positive

My co-worker shared this with me today

for serious though

I've been thinking a lot about relationships and people that purposely make you feel bad about yourself. I get it when it's accidental - I think I'm definitely guilty of that sometimes. Honesty is double-edged sword and I often forget to fully think about what I say before I say it. I also understand that as I get older, the people I know and surround myself with get more and more set in their ways. It becomes harder to be tolerant of differences in tastes, behavior, etc.

However, I have a handful of people in my life that will once in awhile say straight-up mean things, clearly intending to do harm. Things that I don't notice at first, but on recollection realize their intent. Things that aren't worth confrontation, but that add up to a fairly nasty package.

My musing here, and my hurt feelings, leads to this: At what point do I put my arm out and push a little? Separate myself from wanting these people to be close to me? Am I overestimating my relationships with these people?

And on a different note: Why, at 31, is it still so easy to get hurt feelings? When will I grow this thicker skin?

Friday, November 20

Heart Skipped a Beat

My current obsession was not happened upon. Sarah and Sarah recommended it to me on more than one occasion.

Thank FSM I have friends with such kick-ass taste in music to do all the work for me.

Thursday, November 19

pretty, pretty colors

Those girls behind the makeup counter at Macy's got me!

I was there for a good cause--to buy a turkey roasting pan to cook a big, fat, juicy turkey for my family. Big one-day sale! Cookware for $9.99. I got it, and then, on my way out the door, I saw the Urban Decay counter. I said, "Self, maybe Macy's will have the Sellout lipstick color."

I trotted over there to check it out, and the lovely, makeup-covered ladies at the counter attacked me like Cher and Dionne attack Tai in Clueless. Full makeover later, I walked away w ith the lipstick and some new mineral powder called Nirvana.

Not bad! However, I resisted the additional upsell attempts of concealer, a full brush set, some liquid liner and some other odds and ends. The only reason I did this successfully, was because last week I spent money I didn't have at Seph ora on some of these very items.

I told you I was getting into makeup. 31 years old, and I am just now figuring out what to do with it all.

Wednesday, November 18


I guess I am determined to terrorize myself into continuing this blog thing.
This is what's new:

1. I moved to San Francisco. I love it here. I am surrounded by insane people 24/7. It's kind of like living in an asylum, but fun.
2. I got a new job. This is not that important. I won't be discussing work here.
3. I am happily renting here and reluctantly landlording in the old city. Something about that makes me feel both mature and immature at the same time.
4. I have far less friends here, so I have far more time for blogging. Hopefully, this will change again shortly.
5. I've declared a moratorium on ebay. This is better for everyone involved. I foresee this one not working out for me.
6. I have a new-found love for makeup. Hopefully, it's a passing phase. Makeup is really expensive at department stores and Sephora. This is where I like to buy my makeup. Something about the employees putting makeup on me is very enticing.
7. My obsession with boots has hit epic proportions. I am ordering them online, stopping in stores, asking people where they bought theirs...
8. I'm reading a lot more. I will probably write about this.
9. I started watching Mad Men. I love it the most. Well, almost the most. Glee is my favorite hour of the week.
10. If possible, I love lists even more now.

I have about 10 posts planned. This might mean I only post 10 entries and then do nothing for months. Let's find out.