Sunday, June 7

The hipsters have gone too far

Dear American Apparel,

I have long-supported your ridiculous approach to fashion (not actually creating anything). Your soft t-shirts and androgynous advertising campaigns appeal to me in an unnatural way. You singlehandedly reversed my "no leggings, not now, not ever" stance (a flip-flop that I am not proud of).

However, this may be the end of the line for you and I and our hipsterish relationship. In no way can I get onboard with this nonsense. This offense goes so far, that I may have to trashtalk you to others.

Please stop,

Tuesday, June 2

it will make sense soon

I'm in a drastic change cycle. My favorite part of life. If I didn't crave companionship so much and if I didn't love my husband so much, I'd just hop around the world.