Thursday, September 25

Wish I was...

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How great was Freaks and Geeks? Everyone always identified with Lindsey Weir, but I was feeling Kim Kelly all the way. Think about high school:
1. crappy car - check
2. fondness of the herbal refreshment - check
3. relationship based on physical, but that once in awhile verges on sweet - check
4. don't care about school - check
5. tight-ass jeans - check

I like to imagine that Kim Kelly waited tables for 2 years, went to community college and then went on to university to get a business degree and become a successful real estate agent. I think she got married young to a rich guy, got divorced about 2 years later with some re-dick alimony and was rich after that forever more.

She went on to marry at 32 to a 25-year-old artist (that wasn't successful). They live in a loft in Buffalo or something. Somewhere not-so-cool, that has a few cool neighborhoods.

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