Monday, September 22

Soundtrack of my life

Remember that terrible show Ally McBeal? (Confession: I loved it at the time.) She had a soundtrack. I think it was one song that always played when she felt hot, or maybe another song that played when she made a mistake.

I, like many other laydees that grew up in the age of cds and mp3s, have a version of a soundtrack. Certain songs speak to me, and depending on what kind of week/night/day/weekend I have, my soundtrack changes.

This past weekend I attended a wedding of a college friend. I saw people I hadn't seen in 10 years, and thought about things I rarely think of anymore. In honor of that, my songs of the week need to convey 20-year-old angst and ridiculousness and everything in between:
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1. Jem - Come On Closer (from Finally Woken)
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2. Damien Rice - Elephant (from 9)

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