Wednesday, October 29

Less than a week away

I am a political animal. I feel incredibly strongly about my candidate this year, but I feel even stronger about exercising my right to have a say in history. When all is said and done, 537 people decided an election that devastated me 8 years ago. We all know 537 people. Think about it; your family, your social circle, all the co-workers you've ever had. Your facebook, myspace, twitter, linkedin contacts. Surely, that adds up to 537.

So, if you do nothing else next week: vote. Just vote. call in sick the whole week if you need to and revel in the fact that people die to get the right you are born with. Think about the fact that you may be a tiny part of an incredible history-making moment. Think about the fact that you do have a voice and even if your candidate doesn't win, you can legitimately say "Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him". Think about whatever the hell will make you get off your ass and stand in line and fill out your ballot.

And if none of this makes you want to vote - see me, I'll buy you a case of beer or a bottle of wine or something, if you can prove to me that you did it.

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